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Thank you Sophia Ismaa for tagging me! I thought long and hard about doing this tag because most of the characters I relate to are pretty depressing. So while this post starts off that way, I think it picks up lol. 


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1. Charlie 

I found my book!!!

Sigh. Okay, 4 years ago I was in a really dark place and I wound up in the hospital. This is the first book I read afterwards and getting to know Charlie helped me cope with what was going on in my life. Never have I related to a character so much. It’s depressing but I love him. And when I met Stephen Chbosky all I could do was stand there like an idiot while he signed my book. I said absolutely nothing to the man. So, I’ll do it right now. Thank you Stephen Chbosky for creating Charlie and giving a voice to all wallflowers in the world. Thank you for writing a book that has had such a great impact on my life. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

2. Anne Elliot

​Like Anne, I am the middle child. And like Anne, I’ve had to learn to not put aside my own feelings. To not be completed swayed by the opinions of others. 

3. Emily

​Her best friend is a social butterfly that is always trying to get her out of her comfort zone. Hence the lists. I am Emily. And like her, I too have a friend that is always getting me to go out and try new things. She makes my life so much more interesting. And she puts up with me, so how can I not love her? ❤

4. Lane Kim

I’m kind of cheating with this one lol

I loved Rory and while I could obviously relate to her book obsession, it was her best friend Lane that I could see myself in. Lane grew up with a strict mother (same!), has an alternative music taste (same!) and a best friend that her mom doesn’t really approve of (same girl, same!). 


 5. Bess Marvin

Tag yourself! I’m Bess, the one on the left

I like to think I’m the voice of reason amongst my friends haha. And like Bess, when push comes to shove, I set aside my fears and help my friends out.

So… I’m a mess. Thanks Sophski 😛 I’m crying and laughing over here haha. Kind of cathartic though. Not gonna lie. I realize this post was a little depressing. So no one worry, I’m fine. Seriously 🙂








As always, no pressure on anyone to do this tag! 

Happy blogging! 😀

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

I found this book confusing at first. The structure. Not the writing. The alternating stories threw me off. 😕 One section about the four women in the Joy Luck Club. The next section their daughter’s stories. The following section once again about the mothers. And so on. You get the gist. It was a little hard for me to keep up with the storylines. Especially since within the sections, the stories themselves were all out of order. It was frustrating, to say the least.

I did find the book itself to be insightful. We have four Chinese-born women who immigrated to the United States, now residing in San Francisco. And their  Chinese-American daughters. At it’s core, that is what this novel is about: mother-daughter relationships. 

As a first-generation daughter myself, the daughters’ stories really resonated with me. It’s difficult to have a relationship with someone who not only grew up in a different generation, but in a separate country. Two vastly distinct worlds. It really got me thinking about my relationship with my mom. At times, a bit contentious. I don’t know. Growing up, I always wanted Lorelai Gilmore to be my mother. She had such a firm grasp on who Rory was. Instead, I’ve always felt that my mom is more like a combination of  Emily Gilmore and Mrs. Kim. Now this book has me over here thinking I’ve completely misjudged my momma. Sigh. Mother-daughter bonds are wonderfully weird.