It’s been about 6 months since I last posted. Half a year. That was… unplanned. 

At the time, I talked about struggling with disordered eating due to my anxiety. I am very proud to say that I’m doing so much better now. I am at a healthier weight. Still not where I’m supposed to be, but fairly close. I’m still in therapy, seeing a nutritionist, taking meds, working, and reading to my hearts content.



According to Goodreads, in 2019 I read 142 books. That’s a lie. I read 145. Audiobooks make all the difference haha. I don’t set a number goal because I already read a lot of books as is. Don’t need the pressure. 


Last year, I worked on the POPSUGAR reading challenge for the second time. In 2018 I completed it. Last year? Nope! I had 6 prompts left. I’m planning to roll them over to this year’s challenge. Which I’m doing differently. Going to use one book for multiple prompts. Let’s see how that works out. 

Back to the Classics

Failed this one too! Had one prompt left, which I will roll over to this year’s

Reading Women

Another fail! Even though more than half of my 2019 reads were written by women, I still had 3 prompts left. And yes, these are getting rolled over as well. 


Fail! I had 3 prompts left over. Yeah, you know the drill. Getting rolled over. 

Besides working on all the reading challenges listed above, I will also be working on my own personal challenge. This year, I am only reading books by POC. I realized that even though I am Latina, I don’t read diversely. In 2017, 5% of the books I read were written by POC. In 2018, that number slightly increased to 14%. And 2019 was 22%. Yeah, I need to change that. It’s for my own personal growth. 


So that’s where I’m at right now. Continually working on myself. Healthy, happy, and reading. 

Thank you for all of your kind words. I’ve missed all of you and will see you around the blogosphere again soon! 


17 thoughts on “New Year, New Bookish Resolutions

      1. I am listening to the audio of River Song’s Diaries as I drive to work. It’s difficult just stopping my reading in the middle of everything. I’m a chapter by chapter reader. Audiobooks are different in that respect.

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  1. I have also discovered the last few years that I don’t read nearly enough books by POC. Even now that I’m aware of it I’m still having a hard time fixing it. I think it’s partly because so much of my backlist is pre-figuring that out, so reflects that bias. Also partly because I tend to read whatever catches my eye without paying attention to who wrote it, and publishing is so white. Will look forward to hearing all of your recommendations!

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  2. So great to hear that you’re doing well and BACK. And OMG I’ve missed you. 😭 I love how nothing, in any way shape or form, will allow you to hinder you reading … 145 books. A whole 145, I’m baffled. I think I’ve read 10% of what you’ve read, paha.

    I feel you with moving away from classics, I think I’m only revisiting that area when I want to read some light Austen novels.

    I’ve been consciously reading more diversely, and what do you know? I’ve found that I’ve been really enjoying books by black and Muslim authors, much more than the others. You’re going to need to send me some Latinx recs by the way, so far I’ve only read Marquez (LOVED Love in the Time of Cholera – unputdownable!). I think I’m going to follow you on reading more diversely for this year, I can’t guarantee it being 100%, but I definitely want it to outweigh it, for sure.

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    1. Lmao. It’s audiobooks! Even when I’m not in the mood to read a book I’m still in the mood to listen to an audiobook. Well, sometimes.

      I’ve been looking into classics written by POC. Slim pickings! I haven’t heard of 95% of the books I’ve found. Hm.. wonder why…

      Omg same! The month isn’t over yet but already I’ve really enjoyed every book I’ve read so far. My tbr list is seriously lacking in the latinx department lol. Go figure. I’m working on it though!


      1. I’m guessing you listen to audiobooks in the background while you do your chores. I’ll need to try an audiobook out one day and start with a children’s book because I don’t know if I have the attention span to handle anything bigger than that.

        You might be better off finding classics from different countries. I’m counting classics as starting from the 20th century.

        Instead of having to read the same old books over and over again by white authors, all covering topics, perspectives and experiences we’ve heard over and over again. It gets boring. I’m getting most of my book recs from you anyway e.g. Queenie, Americanah, Ayesha at Last, so you’re definitely the queen of finding POC books.

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      2. Lol yes I do! Makes the work go faster. Sometimes I zone out but I’m still able to keep track of the story. I love children’s books! Some have added noise/sounds/music to make the story more interesting.

        I have looked at other countries. But let me tell you, there aren’t a lot. I’m sure they exist but they just haven’t been translated into english. I was looking at Penguin’s classics list. A lot of countries aren’t represented. Which makes no sense to me. Most of the books are by American and/or European authors.

        Haha I wouldn’t call myself a queen. But I am trying!


      3. Maybe one day when I have a car I’ll opt for audiobooks, but given that I’m based in London, and we mostly use the tube, we don’t really have the need for it!

        Instead of reprinting books with POC’s on classic books (the one for Secret Garden did not make sense whatsoever), I hope translated books of diverse classics become more of a thing because we’re missing out on so much.


      4. Yikes, for some reason, my comment didn’t send! I like the idea of noises and music being used in audiobooks, coupled with that being used for children’s books, that can really brighten up your day. Yeah, I definitely need to read more picture books I think, it really brings back times of innocence.

        I’m not surprised. I really hope we’ll see more translated classics books because we’re missing out on a lot, especially mythologies!


      5. Idk why but your comments were in my spam!!

        I’ve noticed that children’s books have become incredibly diverse. Way more than in YA and adult novels.

        We’re missing out on so much!! I’ve found some classics but they’re not available at my library. Go figure. I’ve also checked my local indie and they’re not in-store but willing to special order them. Extra time and money to be able to read these books. Nonsense.


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