Sunday.April.28 – Saturday.May.4

AKA: Another good reading week!

: 5

Save the Date by Morgan Matson

​Love Morgan Matson!!! Her books are just so feel-good reads. In this story, we have Charlie, the youngest of 5 trying to get her older sister’s wedding back on track after disaster after disaster threaten to ruin the day. Family dysfunction and family love take center stage in this book. It’s unbelievably hectic, and wild and I enjoyed every second of it (even if Charlie did annoy me sometimes). [4*]

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie (read by Jim Dale)

​A beautiful and magical tale. One of my absolute favorites. Loved the audiobook! [5*]

The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

​A coming-of-age story told through various short stories/vignettes. It’s a beautifully written, quick read. Esperanza (the MC) reminded me of a young me. [4*]

Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson

OMG!! This book is so damn HILARIOUS!! The stories are ridiculous, and Lawson’s recounting is the best thing ever. I really enjoyed everything she had to say about mental illness. Recommend the audiobook!! [5*]

The Wrong Mother (Spilling CID #3) by Sophie Hannah

​Do not read this as a standalone! You’ll just be as confused as I was. I had no idea it was part of a series. So while I was trying to solve the main mystery, I was also trying to figure out what was going on between all these detectives. The mystery itself is actually really well done. I was a little shocked by the denouement (in a good way). [3.5*]


Farewell, My Lovely (Philip Marlowe #2) by Raymond Chandler

My goal is to read the whole Philip Marlowe series. I’m about a quarter of the way through this read and while I am enjoying it, it feels a bit… different from The Big Sleep

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Okay, I barely started this book last night so I’m not that far into it yet. But first impression: the MC runs a blog!!! #relatable haha


Audiobook! Which one? Idk. Nothing is really calling to me right now…


Today is Cinco de Mayo. So if you want to go and get drunk? Go ahead! Just don’t use this “holiday” as an excuse (especially if it has absolutely nothing to do with your culture i.e. non-Mexican). Seriously. Don’t wear fake mustaches. Don’t wear a sombrero. It’s just plain wrong. Stop appropriating a historical event that has nothing to do with you. For the record, I’m Latina, not Mexican. So I will not be celebrating the Battle of Puebla. Because again, I am not Mexican. And if you’re not either, then you know what NOT to do. 


8 thoughts on “2019: Week 18 Reading Roundup

  1. I will take you on Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things Haha I have wanted to read it for so long Haha the house in mango street is so incredible good! Perfect Chicano representation!!

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  2. I love Morgan Matson- I need to read save the date- glad you enjoyed it!! And Peter Pan is one of my favourites too. Furiously happy is awesome- I kinda wish I’d listened to the audiobook now though- I bet it’s better in that format 😀

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  3. How’s Charlie like? I’ve heard good things, but I’ve been reluctant cos I can’t relate to the SYBG heroine at all. Maybe this one is more for me?

    Wish they had a preview available for Mango Street on GR, can’t find one! Same with Americanah… but MC has a blog? OMG. I don’t think I’ve yet read a book about a blogger yet.

    You know, I still don’t know enough, so I went to research and find out more. I saw an article from Medium where I learnt some more!

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    1. I found Charlie a little annoying and needy. She’s the youngest of 5 so her sister’s wedding is going to be the first time in months the family is going to be reunited. So she wants the weekend to be perfect so she can spend time with her siblings. But things go awry quickly. Plus one of her brother’s had a falling out with their parents and Charlie is mad at him. But, I get why he’s upset. I think he has good reason to be mad at them. And I still liked the book haha.

      😮 no previews available?? Why?? Mango Street is really short. Some of the chapters are barely a page. It’s kind of like snapshots of a neighborhood from a young girl’s perspective. And Americanah is a different look at the immigrant experience. Because Ifemelu encounters discrimination/racism for the first time when she moves to the U.S. And because of that, her experience is very different from that of African-Americans. To address all of the new things she’s seeing and living for the first time, she creates her blog. Where she predominately speaks about race. You would absolutely love her blog posts. I’ll take a few pictures and send them to you!

      Yay! That’s good! We need to educate ourselves


      1. She sounds alright, she’s the youngest, so she is probably overshadowed by her older siblings? It sounds like a family drama. I can already sense that I’m not going to relate to the characters, but if there’s a film adaptation I’d definitely watch it.

        That’s probably why there’s no preview available! I’m actually really excited to read Mango Street now! I saw the pictures you sent to me and I was nodding my head vigorously while I read it, and I think I might relate to Ifemelu in a way because of how sheltered she’s been from racism for a long while and then suddenly it’s all in your face. Yes, a must read. Another one I’m excited to read.☺️


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