A general wrap-up of the challenges I participated in this year followed by my reading goals in 2019.


POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

This year was the first year I ever did a reading challenge. And boy did I hate it. I started off fine. But then there would be a book I really wanted to read but couldn’t because it wasn’t on my designated TBR. Ugh. Frustrated the heck out of me. I did read books that I had been meaning to read for a while. But still. Sticking to my challenge TBR proved to be a pain. I did manage to complete all the prompts though. Whoo!

Now, with all that being said and done, I am planning to participate in the 2019 Challenge. I know, I know. What am I thinking? But this year I plan to go about it differently. Instead of compiling a list of books to fill each prompt, I am going to read whatever I want and if it happens to fill a prompt… well, yay. Let’s see how well I do in the challenge this year by doing it this way. 

2019 prompts can be found HERE

Nostalgia Read

So, I spent the past year reading the original Nancy Drew books. Books that I hadn’t read since I was a kid. This was a personal reading challenge. And I’ve been debating whether or not to embark on another beloved childhood series read in 2019. I have one particular series in mind… And with only 19 books in the original series, it seems manageable. I’m still going back and forth on this one so we’ll see what happens once the new year arrives.

Back to the Classics Challenge

I unofficially participated in this challenge hosted by Karen’s Books and Chocolates. And I say unofficially because I did not put my name into her drawing nor mention this challenge anywhere on my blog. But I ticked off every prompt. And once again read books that I had been hesitant to pick up before. 

This year, I am once again unofficially participating. I use the prompts more as a push to read more classics. I love reading them, but over the past few years I noticed I’ve been reading less and less of them. 12 books in 12 months seems feasible though. As long as I read 12 I’ll be happy. 

2019 prompts can be found HERE

2019 Bookish Challenge

I discovered Bookish this year. And it’s been amazing. They have their own reading challenge for next year. I’ve been looking over these prompts and I kind of like them better than the POPSUGAR ones. I think I will participate. Doing it the same way as POPSUGAR. Choosing whatever book I’m in the mood to read and then attaching a prompt to it. We’ll see how it goes. 

2019 prompts can be found HERE


So goals. Reading goals. I think of these more as personal challenges and guidelines for the upcoming year.

1) Read more diverse books. Specifically books by or about POC. Because looking at my 2018 stats… um… let’s just say I spent the year reading books by authors that are overly represented in society. I read 197 books this year. Of all those books only about 20-25 of them were written by a POC. I’m Latina. I am a woman of color. I need to support authors whose stories are relevant to my experience. I think our stories have been silenced long enough. We exist in this world too. So, I need more books written by POC in my life. I’ve been white-washed long enough. Sorry, absolutely not sorry. 

Anyway, this will prove to be a challenge as most of my physical TBR is *ahem* not diverse. Sigh. That’s on me.

2) Read more books in my native tongue. This year I read more books in spanish than I ever have in my life. 5. I read 5 books in spanish. Up until this year I had only read 1 novel in my mother tongue. In 2019 I hope to increase that number. No specific number in mind. Just more than 5. It’s the language of my people and I’ve been letting it slip through my fingers. 

So… my country’s political climate is getting to me. I was born and raised in this country. I’m as American as they come. Yet, my country doesn’t see me that way. Honestly, it really makes you question your identity. Which is what my 2019 reading goals are all about. Me trying to figure out where I stand and embracing my culture. That’s pretty much where my mind is going into 2019 *shrugs shoulders*


3 thoughts on “Reading Challenges + 2019 Reading Goals

  1. Wow, I can’t believe you followed through and completed the popsugar challenge. Personally, I detest anything that encroaches on my freedom, but one goal I’m still continuing to this year is reading historical fiction because I genuinely enjoy them! So that’s just my one goal same as last year.

    I feel like once we start maturing, growing older, we feel the need to find the familiar and by reading diverse books or books in our mother tongue, they bring us so much comfort. Because at the end of the day, I do find these characters are far more relatable. In a way, we read about ourselves. Yes, growing old means getting in touch with our identity and culture. I still feel there aren’t enough books about Muslim characters from Muslim authors… especially lacking in Bengali characters. It’s usually Indian, so I desperately want that to change.

    Good luck on your reading goals, I hope you’re able to complete them! 🙂


  2. I don’t really participate in reading challenges because I like reading according to my pace and mood. But good luck with your reading goals! I hope you complete them! 🙂

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