I read this on Silver Screenings‘ recommendation and wow! This book was so good. Thanks so much Ruth! ❤

The story focuses primarily on Winnie and her daughter, Pearl. They both have secrets from each other. Auntie Helen, a family friend, pushes both women to unburden themselves to each other. To tell the truth. 

Winnie’s history in China is heartbreaking. She begins her story when she was a little girl, living with her mother, father, and his other wives. Then one day, her mom disappears. Winnie never finds out what happened to her. She then tells Pearl about her evil first husband. All of the abuse she suffered at his hands and why she kept her past hidden for so long. 

Amy Tan has a remarkable knack for writing mother-daughter stories. One reason I liked this book better than The Joy Luck Club was because it focused on Winnie rather than on 4 different families. But both books touch upon first-generation family dynamics and motherly love. Definitely an engaging and powerful read! 


5 thoughts on “The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan

  1. Oo, this looks really good! I haven’t yet read Joy Luck, but it sounds amazing, I love a good old family (kind of) saga. I’m intrigued by the premise of Winnie relating her story, I feel like a story within a story kind of stories tend to have a really storytelling feel to it. Does that make sense? Which would you recommend reading first?


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