Nancy Drew! 
Last week I finally completed my personal challenge of reading all of the original 56 Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. It was pretty fun. And yes, I am super proud of myself for sticking with it. 

Nancy was a big part of my childhood. I gobbled up mysteries like no other. And even as a grown up I found comfort in Nancy’s adventures. When I had a bad day or was feeling down, I turned to Nancy. For at least a couple of hours I was able to escape. 

Nancy Drew collection one year ago

Yes, some of the stories haven’t exactly aged well and lack continuity. But playing detective has been genuinely fun. And seeing little kids still reading these books has made my little heart flutter. 

This has been a lovely journey. I’m so glad I was able to share it with all of you! ❤

Now, does that mean I’m done with Nancy? No! If I come across a Nancy Drew book I haven’t read then expect a review of it to appear around here haha.
Oh, and I’m not quite done with Mildred and the Stratemeyer Syndicate 😉

Current Stratemeyer Collection

Apparently I missed my 1st Bloggiversary!!! As I was scheduling this post, I saw this notification from a few days ago:

Ha! This commitment-phobe girl has actually stuck to something. Well, 2 somethings if you count Nancy (which I do 😉 ). But these past few weeks I’ve lagged on my blog hopping. Life, ya’ll. I still make time to read books though. So there’s that. 

Anyway, one year. Wow! When I first started this I really thought I would quit within a week. But being a part of this community has been one of the greatest experiences ever. Meeting all of you wonderful people, gushing about books and hating on tropes are just some of the highlights haha. I love you beautiful blogging people so much and am thankful to every one of you! ❤


19 thoughts on “​Reflection on a Year of…

  1. Congrats on finishing the series and also for your 1 year anniversary! Don’t worry, I’m the world’s worst at remembering special occasions. I really pity the person who expects me to remember their birthday. I can’t even remember my own sometimes!!! 😂😂😂💕💕 C

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  2. Congrats on reading all the Nancy Drew books! That’s awesome! I read a few of those so many years ago. That be fun to revisit those books. Maybe going to try and read some in the upcoming new year.

    Loved all the New Girl stuff. One of the best series ever, I so miss that show.

    I’m currently reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. It’s really good so far!

    Congrats on your blog anniversary! That’s amazing!

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  3. Firstly, I always thought you had been blogging for way longer for some reason! CONGRATS 🎉 🎊 👸🏽

    Secondly, loving the New Girl gifs, but you gotta stop cos I feel like I’m going to cry 😭 Winnie and cece 😭

    Thirdly, how on earth did you manage 56 books in one year? And let’s not forget the mountain of other books that you’ve read this year. I’m not even on 50 books for the year and you’ve read 56 and then some. Pure dedication right there, but yay congrats again, and it’s great to see that you’ve enjoyed the series! 🙂

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    1. Whoo! Party!!! Haha. Nope, my little blog is barely a year old lol. Can’t quite believe it myself tbh.

      Lmao no one parties like our New Girl peeps. Are you down for a game of True American??? I feel like that’s how they’d celebrate!

      The books are short! That’s how I managed lol. Super easy to get through them! I think the hardest part was tracking some of them down at the library lol.

      And thank youuuuu!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Paha, I think when I came across your blog and saw there were variety of book reviews from different genres, my nerdy brain wept *finally*

        ERM YES, bring it, not sure how True American is played but it looks AWESOME.. FDR! Floor is lava!

        That makes sense, but still *whew* and yes I can imagine, it’s surprising when you just assume the library will just have everything already there 😂

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      2. Lmao! I tend to get lost in one genre. Then get tired and move on to another so I end up reading a variety of books. I did read a lot more YA this year though.

        I don’t know how it’s played either lol. But it always looked like fun haha

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