This collection has 3 Nancy Drew mysteries in one book. I’ve had it for years. I can’t remember how it came to be in my possession though. And I can’t remember the stories inside. So, this should be fun. Also, this is it! After I finish this collection I am done with my Year of Nancy Drew…

The Bike Tour Mystery (#168)
Nancy, Bess and George are part of a group taking a bike tour of Ireland. While on their trip, Nancy becomes suspicious of all the mishaps occurring that seem to be directed at two sisters. Although the sister’s rebuff Nancy’s help, this doesn’t stop the young sleuth from investigating. 

So this was a fun story. The girls are biking through Ireland. It sounds like a dream. Minus the biking part haha. Anyway, Nancy is supposed to be on vacation but her detective instincts don’t take a day off. Right away, she spots a strange man following the tour group. And when “accidents” start to happen, she knows something more sinister is afoot.

Once again, Bess’s research skills are needed. Does Nancy not know how to use the internet herself? I’m confused. You’d think it would be an invaluable tool for a detective. Oh, and Bess’s boy-crazy self appears again! She is smitten by one of their fellow bikers. Actually, all 3 girls find him handsome. But like Bess wisely says, 

He may be totally hot-looking, but who’d want a boyfriend who flirts with other girls?

Amen, sister-friend. 

Okay, I liked this mystery. Someone doesn’t want Nancy’s help, but she helps them anyways. She even winds up saving their lives.

Now, onto the next case!

The Riding Club Crime (#172)
Nancy is asked by Mrs. Rogers to help get to the bottom of mysterious accidents happening at her horse-riding camp for teens. 

Nancy and George go undercover as counselors to be closer to the action. Meanwhile, Bess has gotten a job writing about equestrian fashion. Apparently that’s a thing. 

I enjoyed this mystery as well. For one thing, the man Nancy suspected is not actually the criminal. Actually, she jumped from one suspect to another. Something that doesn’t happen very often. Once Nancy has a suspect, that’s it, that’s the guilty party. Not this time though. The criminals weren’t really on Nancy’s radar until the very end. 

One thing that I found completely ridiculous? Nancy’s first suspect was a camper. While looking through the girl’s belongings for clues, Nancy stumbles across the girl’s diary. As she flipped through it, Nancy realizes it’s in code and finds it suspicious. Um… what?! Nancy. Don’t be dense!! It’s in code so people won’t be able to read her private thoughts. Which is pretty much what the girl says when confronted. And she calls Nancy a snoop. In this case, I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment. 

Like I said, I found the mystery interesting. I was honestly surprised by the turn of events. Although, there wasn’t a lot of Bess in this story. And where are the boys???

Well, on to the final case!

Werewolf in a Winter Wonderland (#175)
Nancy, Bess, George and Ned (!), are volunteering at River Heights’ annual Winter Wonderland. It is there that Nancy runs into an old friend, Brianda. Brianda’s cousin, Markie, works at a wolf conservation center. When 2 of the center’s Alpha’s go missing, Nancy must find them before the center is forced to close. 

Another good mystery. As Nancy investigates the disappearance of the wolves, there are also werewolf sightings and dangerous accidents occurring at the Winter Wonderland. Are the cases related? And if so, in what way?

So Ned is in this one!! Whoo!! Yes! Now, that’s a good note to end on haha. Although I must admit, his character isn’t really necessary. I know. It hurt as I wrote that. But it’s true. In the OG 56 he is always by Nancy, rescuing her or vixe versa. But in these latter ones, he’s just there. Superfluous. And they changed him!!! He’s looking more like a Ken doll, with his blond hair and green eyes. Ugh. Ned has always been brown-haired, and brown-eyed!!

Anyway. This case is like the one before. Once again, the first person to be suspected isn’t actually the bad guy. These stories seem to be a bit more mysterious than the original. It actually keeps you guessing a bit.

Final Thoughts
That’s it. I am officially done! This is my last Nancy Drew Mystery Story. Holy crap. I can’t believe it. I’ll do a wrap-up of… all of this sometime next week. My goodness. 9-year old me would be so proud haha. 

2 thoughts on “Nancy Drew Collection by Carolyn Keene

  1. Woohoo congrats 👏 I admire your dedication and your ability to follow through cos that shit is difficult lol, don’t know how you did it but woo!

    A bit strange about the change in Ned’s appearance, brown hair and brown eyes are just fine. Had to google equestrian fashion, it’s actually really good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omigosh thank you so much!!! 😀 I have no clue how I did it haha.

      Yeah, there are some weird and unnecessary character changes in the newer books. Idk why they’d mess with an established character’s appearance though..

      Liked by 1 person

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