Today I bring you a double dose! (Apparently I lied when I said there wouldn’t be anymore of these haha). Because yes, I was able to get my hands on the elusive Nancy Drew #54!! Whoo! 😀

Well, let’s get to it!

The Strange Message in the Parchment (#54)  

Written by: Harriet Adams (1977)

Aha! Finally!!! I had to go to yet another library branch to check this book out. That’s 3 different libraries I had to visit to find this book. But am I complaining? Nope. It’s been a bit of an adventure. Mystery of the Missing Nancy Drew book 😉

Anyway, this book is somewhat entertaining. Nancy is asked by her childhood friend, Junie Flockhart, to help her family uncover the secret behind a strange parchment. Simple enough. 

The parchment itself was purchased by the Flockhart family from their best client, Mr. Rocco. When Nancy asks him if he knows of any story behind the parchment, he gets very suspicious. But Nancy digs deeper and deeper. Ultimately, she reunites a mother with her kidnapped son.
Nancy stays with Junie on the family farm. They mainly raise sheep and when Junie gives Nancy a tour, she shows her the slaughterhouse. Depressing! Because then when Bess, George and the boys visit, they go to the slaughterhouse again. *shudders*

One of the things that got on my nerves about this book was all the morals. And I’m not talking about all the quotes from scripture. That I was actually okay with. I’m always fascinated by how people translate its meaning. What I’m talking about are the values/virtues that are imparted upon the reader. Every Nancy Drew book has them and they’ve never bothered me before. But boy, in this book they seemed to pop up at every page! Maybe it’s the fact that I felt personally attacked haha. (Cows are my favorite animal. But I also love cheese burgers). I don’t need judgment from a Nancy Drew book for my omnivorous ways, thank you very much.

So, was this book worth the wait? Eh. Not really. It wasn’t mindblowing. Just simply okay. 

On to the next one!

The Thirteenth Pearl (Nancy Drew #56)

Written by: Harriet Adams (1979)

Nancy has to find a missing pearl necklace for Mr. Moto. The necklace was on loan by the wealthy Mrs. Rossmeyer, and Mr. Moto worries that his business reputation will be ruined. All clues point to Japan, so Nancy and her father follow the trail there. 

This was an interesting mystery. Weird, but interesting. In a complete turn of events, Nancy travels with Mr. Carson Campbell Drew instead of Bess and/or George. They weren’t even invited! Strange. But! Nancy did leave them with a sleuthing job. So there’s that haha.

So the weirdness? A pearl worshipping cult. They weren’t the main culprit but they were sort of involved. Nancy and Ned witness a ritual or something. They’re baffled. I was baffled. To each his own, I guess.

I did learn about oysters and pearls though! I didn’t know it was possible to get oysters to make the pearls by inserting some kind of nucleus into them. Sad, but fascinating. Are pearl farms still a thing? It sounds like something that would continue to exist nowadays.

So not a shabby mystery. Thank goodness for that. Not a terrible way to end the original series 🙂

Final Thoughts
Phew! I am DONE!!!! Finito!!! I’ve officially read all 56 of the original Nancy Drew Mystery Stories!!! 😀 😀 😀 But, I’m not quite done with my Year of Nancy Drew. There are still a couple of weeks left to go and I have a few Nancy Drew books left to read. It will be nice to compare the originals to the ones that came after. So, next week be prepared for a Triple Dose of Nancy! 😉

12 thoughts on “A Double Dose of Nancy Drew #7

  1. Oo, vegetarianism can be a hard moral to impart, and vegetarians and vegans can be quite… pushy in this regard. But it’s almost always difficult to swallow that for those of us who consume animals, it’s been permitted by our religion except for Hinduism, I believe

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    1. Oh God, I wasn’t finished writing. Anyway, cows are your favourite animal? That’s new! And I love the first cover, the second one has such a beautiful blue.
      I had no idea that Pearl cults exists?
      And congrats on finishing the series! That’s amazing dedication there, how do you feeeeeel?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Omg I love cows!! They’re so beautiful. Don’t tell my dog they’re my fave though bahahaha.
        But yeah. People can be a bit pushy sometimes. I know what happens to cows, sheep, etc. And yes, it makes me sad. But I also eat a lot of meat. And as much as I love farm animals, I don’t see myself becoming a vegetarian anytime soon (if ever). It’s not me.
        I am done!!! Yay!! Took forever. Worth it though. Now I have to go back and add them to Goodreads lmao.

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      2. Looooooool. Okay, wow. I had to go scour the deep not-so-dark internet for this. Your favourite animal is a cow which means apparently: “A cow represents an adventurous, curious and sociable spirit. You are kind, calm and protective.” I searched for a koala bear which is my favourite but it isn’t listed so I had to go to “other” and the only description is “unique” which is what I get a lot anyway LOL.

        I know they come from a good place, but it’s also not economically practicable. Meat contains protein and lower-income family needs this. I know this sounds harsh but sometimes the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle is more easily accessible and a possibility for those who are financially at ease. Otherwise, yes, we eat meat. We can love animals and still eat meat (I know that sounds contradictory on paper), but we can do it in a way that we can lessen their suffering.

        LOOOOL. Have you not been doing it? Wait, wait, you haven’t lol! That’s a whole lot of books to add, you’ll have to clear an entire evening!

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      3. Adventurous? Hm, not so much lol. Curious? Yes! Definitely. Sociable? It comes and goes lmao. Kind, calm and protective? Yep! Yep! Yep! Pretty spot on description Ms. Unique haha

        It does sound contradictory which is what I think most vegetarian/vegans can’t comprehend. We want animals to be treated as humanely as possible too. Some just happen to be an important part of our diet…

        No, I haven’t. I made my Goodreads account sometime in January. And I wasn’t really using it. By the time I started to, I was already about 10-15 books into the series. I was too lazy to go back and do it. Now I have 56 to add lmao. How fun :/

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      4. Hey, adventurous is such a ambiguous word, there’s a lot of different ways to be adventurous, I think even the word curious can be interchangeable with words like adventurous e.g. reading new and diverse genres. And yep, I agree with both yours and mine!

        LOOOOL. Plus, they’re delicious. 😝

        56 is a whole lot. Maybe you don’t have to? We post books we’ve read on Goodreads like they’re food pics for Instagram (“or it never happened!”).

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  2. I wonder if when they published (or decided the plot for) #56 they knew it was to be the last one? Hmm…

    I’m interested in hearing what you have to say about the “newer” Nancy Drews. I remember picking one up as a kid (I didn’t know it wasn’t part of the original series, although I should have guessed since it was a paperback!) I remember not liking it as well. THAT’s when I discovered there was an original series… After that, I promised myself not to read any more after #56.

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