So…this is awkward haha. I have no Nancy Drew book to review today. I am pretty close to finishing the original Nancy Drew series. But. Life. 

If you saw my last award post, then you know I’ve been busier than usual. I did try to read Nancy Drew #54 but I couldn’t get my hands on it! The day I went to the library, it was already checked out. And I didn’t have time to visit another branch where it was available. Luckily for me, Of Maria Antonia made a post discussing why despite her 5 Reasons why she shouldn’t like Nancy Drew, she still does. I loved it!! She perfectly captured the feelings I’ve experienced as I’ve embarked on this year-long nostalgia read. 

No review. But, a wonderful read by Of Maria Antonia ❤ Please check out her wonderful blog (full of the most amazing photography btw) and next week expect a Double Dose of Nancy Drew! 🙂 Well, hopefully haha. 

Anyway, click on the link below or on “5 Reasons” above to read the post. Enjoy! 😀

5 Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Like Nancy Drew… But I Do! –

7 thoughts on “Nancy Drew Update

  1. I read her post, it was really good and funny! I feel like I’ve been going on Nancy’s journey too from your reviews and at this point I now already know what happens lol. Hope the birthday goes well, you’ll need a lot of rest after, luckily you’ll have a couple of books or two to accompany that rest. ☺️

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    1. It was amazing right? She really captured my feelings towards the series. I love Nancy Drew. Probably always will. But I know the series isn’t perfect.

      Thank youuu! Haha. My bff and I talked it over today and decided to push the baptisms to early next year. Hallelujah! Gives us a nice little cushion. We were really stressing out about expenses and getting each event organized. Especially with the holidays coming up. So a nice little breather now. Phew!

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      1. No series is perfect, like humans, you just gotta find the one that is worth it and makes you happy and you got that with the Nancy Drew series! 🙂

        Does that include the unicorn birthday party? It sounds good to manage expectations and give more planning time. But boy I would love to be on that planning committee, organising parties sounds like a blast!

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      2. It’s stressful, but fun. It’s healthy stress haha. So far we’re working on decorations. The cake is taken care of. Sort of. Baby girl still needs to choose a flavor. The big issue we have right now is location. Now that, is a real stressor :/

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      3. It’s all for a very good cause and I’m sure the payout will be amazing! 🙂 A youth club might be fun, lots of space, although it’ll be costly, but if you can find a local one, I’m sure you can negotiate costs!

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