Thank you LaRonda @Flying Paperbacks for nominating me! You’re the best! ❤ And so sorry it’s taken me forever to get to this! I’ve fallen way behind on tags. #bloggingstruggles


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1. Sell me on your favorite read of 2018

So apparently I’ve had quite a few favorite reads haha. But honestly, I think this would be the year of Steinbeck. So far I’ve read 3 of his works this year. East of Eden has got to be one of the greatest pieces of literature I’ve ever read. The themes he explores – love, religion, family – are all intertwined in a family saga with the beautiful (I’m biased) California valley as its backdrop. It’s so so good. And absolutely, without a doubt, one of my favorite reads of the year.

2. If you could read a book about any mythological being, which would it be and why?

Does Pegasus count?? Lmao mythology isn’t really my thing. Possibly why I never continued with the Percy Jackson series. That and I really thought there were hundreds of books in the series. But um, I watched Hercules as a kid and Pegasus was my favorite character. And Meg. Is she based on a mythological figure???

3. Who’s a character that has motivated you? How?

Anne Shirley!!! I first read Anne of Green Gables as an adult a few years back and I adored her instantly. She’s full of life and imagination, brilliant and hardworking. I could gush about this girl forever. She’s pretty much all I aspire to be haha. I’m naturally realistic (my friends say pessimistic), but like I said, Anne is a bright person. And her positivity is contagious. I feel happy whenever I think of Anne.

On a personal note:

Life has been unexpectedly hectic lately. BFF and I are planning birthday parties for 2 of her kids and their baptism. That’s 3 events in the span of one month. And one of those birthday parties is super last minute because the original plan went straight out the window when her soon -to-be 6 year old got some bad news. She broke her elbow in mid-August and has been in a cast since then. The doctor said it’d be off by her birthday. Well, that was a lie. Apparently her elbow keeps shifting and the ortho hasn’t discounted surgery as an option. (Torres, where you at?) Understandably, little girl hollered, screamed, and cried her eyes out when they put a new cast on her arm. So the original “birthday dinner plan” was canceled and bff decided to have a big birthday party for her to cheer her up.

Which means we’ve spent the last few days trying to get everything together. Thank goodness scheduled posts weeks in advance are a thing haha so I’m pretty sure no one has noticed my disappearance. Anyway, today I plan to relax and spend my day blog hopping and catching up on everyone’s posts 🙂 And if I do happen to disappear again within the next few weeks, well now you know why 😉


20 thoughts on “The Unique Blogger Award

    1. Of Mice and Men was required reading in high school. And I remember not really liking it so I stayed away from his books for the longest time smh. I should reread it lol. I’m sure I’d love it now, as an adult.

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  1. Congrats! 🙂

    Same, I always thought that the Percy Jackson series was at least books, but I think that expectation was because of Harry Potter being quite a long series itself.

    I can’t remember the last time anyone read Anne of Green Gables and didn’t like her. She’s just that kind of character that is endearing to everyone. ☺️

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 It’s the spinoff series that threw me off lol. I think HP is the longest series I’ve read. Well, besides Nancy Drew lol. But Nancy Drew is barely 200 pages and HP is way past that lmao.
      Anne is positivity in human form. She’s one of the loveliest book characters ever ❤

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      1. I think Nancy Drew takes the cake in the longest series category. Even with OotP being 1,000 pages, I doubt the overall number of pages would be more than Nancy Drew but that’s maths for another day. 🙃

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  2. Okay, so I haven’t read any of the Anne of Green Gable books, but I have been meaning to for ages. I love the movies (the older ones) and I just know I will adore the books if I actually ever get around to reading them…sigh. #bookbloggerproblems. Anyways, good luck with all of your events this month! I am sending you good vibes so you don’t get too overwhelmed/stressed (that’s what happens to me if I have too many things going on) 🙂

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    1. Thank you!!! ❤
      Anne is just the greatest kid ever. Funny though, when I was little I used to watch Anne of Green Gables cartoons and I found her annoying. But after reading the book and watching the various adaptations, she has my heart. Can completely relate to the blogger problems lol. My TBR is never ending. Hopefully you enjoy Anne of Green Gables once you read it!! 🙂

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