Written by: Harriet Adams (1974)

When Nancy discovers that Ned has been kidnapped, she takes it upon herself to try to find him.

I absolutely loathed this book. It starts off with Nancy being jealous of Marty King, a young, new lawyer working for her father. Nancy is upset that Marty King is taking over a mystery her father had initially mentioned to her. Then it kind of spirals out into the science fiction realm.

A self-piloted helicopter lands on Nancy’s front lawn. In the cockpit, she finds a note scrawled by Ned, warning her against Cyclops. Nobody knows whose helicopter it is or why it landed there. But Burt and Dave quickly inform Nancy that Ned has been missing for a couple of days. 

Nancy, Bess and George drive to Emerson College where they discover that another student is also missing. A grad student working in the same lab as Ned. As the case unfolds, Nancy fears that Ned has been kidnapped by the grad student and ties the case to a mysterious glowing eye that appears in a museum. 

Ned is MIA for 99% of the book. Dropping breadcrumbs for Nancy and friends. But they seem to be a step behind each time they get close to finding him. Then the glowing eye plotline is introduced. Okay, I have no idea how that glowing eye worked or what the point of it was. It made zero sense. And I still don’t know if the museum’s receptionist was involved or not? She takes herself out of the narrative; whereabouts unknown. 

And then the ending. Good Lord. So after everything that Nancy does to find Ned, he rescues himself. Then acts like nothing really happened. He was gone for days. Days! With some lunatic pointing a gun at him and trying to steal his invention. Oh yeah, Ned invented something. What, you ask? To quote Ned, 

“My invention is a new way for a scientist to produce laser light so that even a small source of energy will do great feats. It’s done by converting all of the energy into light.”

Boy, I have no clue what you just said. 

Oh, and if you’re wondering about Marty King, well I’m pretty sure she’s never appearing again. You see, Mr. Drew asked her to resign. Apparently she proposed to him and admitted to being jealous of Nancy and her sleuthing adventures. Ha! Yes. It was a mutual jealousy-fest. 

Ugh. This book was a mess. I’m done. The 70’s were obviously not good to Nancy. I won’t even get into how hideous the cover is. I am so done. 

6 thoughts on “Nancy Drew (#51): Mystery of the Glowing Eye by Carolyn Keene

  1. Bro… this one sounds hella messy, even I’m riddled. It sounds like the author tried to venture into science fiction to be hip but without having done any research and well, damn, it did not work clearly. I hate to say this, but, in this case, the author should have stuck to Nancy’s status quo.

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