Written by: Harriet Adams (1973)

This mystery is a little strange. (When aren’t they)? A stuffed bird is left on Nancy’s doorstep which is only the first in many weird incidents. Nancy believes it is connected to the case she is helping her father with. High-rise apartments are set to be built on private property which the owner is refusing to sell/give up. Mr. Thurston doesn’t want to sell his property because of a zoo and bird sanctuary he has built on it. It is Mr. Drew’s job to stop the city council from forcing Mr. Thurston off his land. And with help from Nancy, he succeeds.

Okay, first things first. The bird. It’s a wryneck bird (like the one on the cover) and apparently superstitious people believe the bird is a jinx. That it’s a sign of ill-omen. Nancy doesn’t know this, but Hannah Gruen tells her. Which then makes Nancy panic and think there’s a bomb inside??

Nancy claims multiple times that she’s not superstitious. She even goes so far as to convince Mrs. Thurston to stop believing in them. Yet, her first conclusion upon seeing the bird is: bomb. At this point, she hadn’t even started working on the case! Then the cops show up and inform her there is no bomb and all is well. How unrealistic is that? No warning? No telling her to stop calling the cops when there is no perceived threat? I call B.S.

And then, oh my goodness. Later on in the book Nancy, Bess and George invite a group of kids to see the zoo and bird sanctuary. So they all pile into her car. There are 9 kids. 9!! Plus Nancy, Bess and George. That’s 12 people in 1 car! Of course, a cop pulls her over on the way. But he lets her go!! He tells her that her car is only designed for 6 people, but since she’s near her destination she can go. As long as the situation is remedied on the way back. 

Again, I call some MAJOR BS!! Speaking from experience, I know for a fact that would not fly. Must be nice to be a titian haired, blue-eyed teenager with a prominent attorney as her father. Or it could be a 70’s thing. Who knows. When did child car seats become law anyway? *googles car seat history* 1971! 

The mystery itself is super straightforward. The bad guys are preying on people’s superstitious beliefs to get what they want. Nancy and Ned fall sick with ornithosis (some kind of bird disease). The big, evil, high-rise corporation is taken down. It’s all in a week’s work. 

Overall, it was a decent story. It’s wild how times have changed though. 

BTW: what is up with these horrible covers lately?

9 thoughts on “Nancy Drew (#50): The Double Jinx Mystery by Carolyn Keene

  1. Oh, dear God, the logical inconsistency in this one. It seems Nancy believing that there is a bomb inside a bird is out of character and not just out of character, I think something like that would probably need to get checked out… it’s far too irrational that a young detective, though young she may be, would think that.

    Right, right, right… how did they get away with seating 12 people in a car? What? Oh, dear, I could understand if it was an emergency like Harry and Ron flying the car, but this isn’t the right message to send especially in a detective series which is, after all, in the realm of law enforcement. 🤦‍♀️

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    1. This book was a mess. I mean, how do you go from a strange bird to a bomb? My first thought was: prank. Not omg my life is in danger. It’s so weird. It’s not like Nancy to jump to such conclusions.

      An emergency, I can understand. You do what you gotta do. But they’re going to the zoo. It’s unbelievable the cop would let them go. Makes no sense.

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      1. I wonder what the author was thinking… and the editor. It’s ludicrous.

        I cannot imagine any police officer letting someone off for that, yep, great message to send readers that it’s okay to break the law. 🤦‍♀️

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  2. Imagine actually today driving past a car containing 12 people 😱 I’d be shocked and slapping myself to make sure I’m awake haha 🙂 as for the bird it just so happens to be left on her doorstep and it turns out to be a BOMB! I’m not that surprised I mean it’s kinda like the Trojan Horse story but with a bird and a bomb and a girl etc haha lol.

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      1. I know the clown car thing is just a too linked thing (I’m pretty sure none of what I just said in that sentence made sense but oh well haha)

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