Written by: Harriet Adams (1970)

Mr. Drew receives an oriental rug from Farouk Tahmasp, a client that went missing two years ago, after he was accused of being a smuggler. He was acquitted but disappeared before Mr. Drew was able to tell him. Nancy discovers that there are hidden clues within the rug’s design. She believes that by decoding the hidden message in the rug, she will be able to trace the man’s whereabouts. 

When Mr. Tahmasp lived in River Heights, he owned an oriental rug store that had a mannequin in the window. The message hidden in the rug, indicates that Mr. Tahmasp wants Mr. Drew to find this mannequin and send it to Istanbul. 

So, Nancy goes international. This time we travel to Turkey, where in an interesting turn of events, Bess is briefly kidnapped. Dave, her “favorite date”, is frantic to find her. Nancy isn’t kidnapped with Ned desperately searching for her. It was a nice change of pace to be completely honest.

Also, talk about a plot twist! Very rarely am I taken by surprise by the unfolding of the mystery. This time, I did not see it coming! Looking back, the clues were obviously there. But it was so unexpected! Ah, a good mystery. 


12 thoughts on “Nancy Drew (#47): The Mysterious Mannequin by Carolyn Keene

  1. Exactly how many books are there in the Nancy Drew series? You are not taken by surprise by the unfolding of the mystery maybe because you’re reading it one after the other and you could probably guess what would happen. At least, that’s the case with me when I read Agatha Christie.

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    1. A LOT! There are 56 in the original series (which are the ones I’m reading) but there are so many beyond those. I think it’s up in the 100’s. Then there are the special collections, etc. A lot of Nancy Drew books out in the world lol.
      Haha I’ve been thinking the same thing. I know how the mysteries are written and which direction to go so solving the case isn’t too hard. This one did have an unexpected twist though lol.

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  2. I loved Nancy Drew when I was growing up. But I’m worried a reread won’t be the same, so I haven’t dived in, even though I own many of the original series. I’ve been playing the PC games, though, so Nancy’s still part of my life!

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      1. I’ll have to be brave and reread a few one day!

        The PC games are really fun! Typically, you play as Nancy Drew (sometimes you can switch to Bess, George, or the Hardy Boys) and you collect clues and solve puzzles to figure out a mystery. It’s a little like an escape room, in a way, actually. However, game quality varies. Some like The Creature of Kapu Cave and the carousel one are really short. My favorites are Shadow Rance, Shadow at the Water’s Edge, and Secret of the Old Clock (because this one is vintage Nancy! You can drive around in her blue roadster!).

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