I finally got around to reading these graphic novels! Yay! 

Wires and Nerve,
Volume 1 by Marissa Meyer and Doug Holgate

It’s been a while since I read The Lunar Chronicles. But it was kind of easy to jump back into their world. What caused me a bit of confusion was the fact that this graphic novel takes place before the final(?) story in Stars Above

Iko has taken it upon herself to hunt down and take into custody the rogue wolf-hybrid soldiers that have stayed on Earth. Along the way, we come across our favorite Rampion crew, whose members are scattered around the world.
It was an easy read. I actually got through it fairly quickly. My one pet peeve is how it abruptly ended. This comic primarily set up the events for the next book. So not a lot really happens before the “to be continued” appears. 

Gone Rogue (Wires and Nerve, Volume 2) by Marissa Meyer and Stephen Gilpin

This volume picks up right where the last one stopped. Iko continues to narrate the story as the wolf-hybrid soldiers threaten the Rampion crew. 

Cinder’s life is threatened, Wolf continues to struggle with himself and Kinney’s feelings towards Iko begin to change. 

Not my favorite story overall. Yes, all of the crew is back together. But since I already read Stars Above, it seemed a bit unnecessary since I already knew what was going to happen. It was just filler. I did enjoy that it was primarily told from Iko’s POV.

My advice: read the graphic novels before the short stories in Stars Above.  

16 thoughts on “Wires and Nerve & Gone Rogue by Marissa Meyer

  1. Oh I HATE when in a graphic novel it ends with ‘To Be Continued’ or even in a TV show. Generally I love writing Cliff Hangers and I love reading books that end with cliff hangers IF I have the following book, novel, episode so that I can continue straight away! 🙂

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  2. I read the preview of Cinder on Goodreads and didn’t particularly enjoy the writing style or the premise but I loved Iko immediately.. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? Would this be any different to the book?

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    1. Omg Cinder is not the best book in the series. It almost put me off the series but it actually gets better. And there are new characters that appear that I absolutely love. Iko being one of them. A droid with a stellar personality. She’s amazing.

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      1. How can I progress if the first book isn’t great? 😭 I hear that there is no worldbuilding and you are just thrown into it and I know I’ll be even more confused than I already am lol. I will try the graphic novel, I find visual aids will help better than books.

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      2. The graphic novels might be a bit confusing tho. It doesn’t explain who any of the characters are. You’re kind of just thrown into it. I guess it’s assumed you’ve read the Lunar Chronicles.

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      3. The world is a little weird. It’s futuristic? The moon has been colonized and those people have powers. And they have issues with Earth. It’s a good series though! Haha


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