Written by: Harriet Adams (1966)

Carson Drew is in Paris, doing a bit of investigative work. He has been hired by worried friends of Monsieur LeBlanc, a wealthy businessman, to find out why he is selling all his securities and buying diamonds. Mr. Drew needs Nancy’s help so he invites his daughter and her friends on the trip. Which is wonderful for Nancy as she has a mystery of her own to solve. River Heights resident, Mrs. Josette Blair, has suffered a great family misfortune and has been recently plagued by nightmares. All she can recall, is that it has to do with her early childhood in Paris and 99 steps. What 99 steps, and how does that tie with the dream? Well, that’s what Nancy has to figire out.

Phew! Okay. We’re in Paris, France!! 

Um, Nancy’s mystery is fascinating. She doesn’t really have any clues to go on but she still manages to find a connection between her case and her father’s. Now, Mr. Drew’s case is, well, uh, ridiculous. Monsieur LeBlanc is being duped pretty much. Someone has made him believe that he can turn anything into gold, making LeBlanc panic because currency is backed by gold and so he starts buying up diamonds. Honestly, his greed got the better of him. 

So… the girls speak fluent french. Qui convient, n’est-ce pas? They do a lot of sightseeing which ya’ll know are my favorite parts. I’ve been to Paris before, so it was like I was there once again. They discuss the history of some of the places they visit. Loved it. 

While in Paris, Nancy meets Henri Durant. To quote Bess: “Frenchman. Mmm!” ooh lala haha. Oh, and where’s Ned you ask? I don’t know!! He was never mentioned! Should I worry? Even when he doesn’t appear, he’s at least mentioned in passing by someone. But not this time! 

Anyway, Nancy and the police capture one of the culprits right before she leaves River Heights. This doesn’t lessen the danger she faces in Paris though. She’s in a car accident, nearly drowned (Henri rescues her), her brakes are cut, and an innocent dog is drugged! 

In conclusion, this was a really great mystery! 


2 thoughts on “Nancy Drew (#43): The Mystery of the 99 Steps by Carolyn Keene

    1. Haha close! It’s “how suitable”. Since French was usually the foreign language most young women learned in school at the time 😉
      No one can replace my boy Ned! Not even Henri and all his Frenchness lol
      I know!! Traveling with Nancy is amazing! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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