Selina Kyle is doing everything she can to take care of her younger sister, Maggie, who has cystic fibrosis. With no parents in sight, it is Selina’s responsibility to make sure Maggie has access to all the tests, drugs and doctors available. But being 17 and living in the East End, Selina works in the underbelly of Gotham City for Carmine Falcone to make some quick cash. When she is recruited by Talia al Ghul, Selina’s path to becoming the infamous Catwoman unfolds. 


I was originally planning to do a mini-review of this book for next Monday’s post. But, I have a lot of feelings about this read. So, here we are.

Okay, *takes a deep breath* this book and I got off on the wrong foot. The writing irked me from the get-go. The “that Latina girl” and “that Asian girl” got on my nerves. Because they weren’t main characters (not even supporting ones), and I felt the author only used them for diversity points. They appear for a hot second, and have maybe one speaking line between them. If that. 

Anyway, the story itself is actually okay. We see a lot of familiar characters from within the DC universe. A LOT. (I couldn’t pinpoint any new major character introductions). Selina works alongside and befriends Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. It was all very interesting. Especially as there seems to be a bit of a one-sided romance between the latter two. And of course there has to be a love interest for Selina. He comes in the form of Luke Fox and his brown skin, aka Batwing. (The number of times Maas refers to his skin color is way too much. And don’t get me started on how many times Selina’s white skin and blond hair are brought up. Seriously.).

I know this book will appeal to a ton of people. But honestly, it annoyed me. My expectations were a bit different, I guess. I’ve read Wonder Woman: Warbringer and Batman: Nightwalker, so was expecting a story of a similar strain. Which is completely unfair of me. I acknowledge that. Besides, this story was a bit familiar. Probably because I’ve watched every single episode of Arrow, and a similar plot device was used there. So… um yeah.

I didn’t go into everything that irked me in this review haha. Batwing’s portrayal, the stereotypes(!), the lack of plot in at least 75% of the book, the ending(!!) … the list goes on. I was very excited to read this book but boy was I disappointed. Was I entertained though? Yes, yes I was. 

Anyway, writing this is only upsetting me and making me seriously rethink my Goodreads rating. If I wanted to read about a special snowflake (because Catwoman has NO flaws: a gifted gymnast, a genius in school, an undefeated fighter…) I would have picked up Nancy Drew (which I always excuse as a product of its time). Ugh. Okay. I’m done. 


19 thoughts on “Catwoman: Soulstealer (DC Icons #3) by Sarah J. Maas

  1. Ugh, I dislike diversity for diversity sake… There’s mentioning a person’s ethnicity because that character is actually being described, or because it has some bearing on the plot, and then there’s that flashing sign. “I’M NOT RASICT! LOOK AT MY DIVERSE CHARACTERS!!” Ha ha! Great review, I think I would be annoyed with this one as well!

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    1. The only fleshed out character of color is Luke Fox and him being black is canon! Like, why are you patting yourself on the back? You weren’t original. And I hate comparing it to Wonder Woman and Batman but Leigh Bardugo and Marie Lu worked with what they had and created new, fleshed out characters of color. Ugh. I’m still annoyed lol.

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  2. I would absolutely have read this book….if it wasn’t written by SJM. I’ve seen other people saying similar things about this book so I am glad I did not plan on picking it up.

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      1. Yeah when I saw the DC Icons series I was excited to see Catwoman on the list. Buuut then I saw it was SJM and decided to pass. I have 3 of her other books and it is just very much not my style.

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  3. Trust Sarah J. Maas to be politically incorrect… She’s such lil dick energy, I don’t know why editors still continue to publish her. I will be reading Leigh Bardugo’s one day hopefully (who is true BDE).

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  4. Oh gosh, this sounds like a mess! I didn’t enjoy the other two in the DC series, and I didn’t really have too much faith with Maas tackling Catwoman, so I decided to skip this one. I’m for sure taking this off my TBR because I don’t think I could handle any of the things you say. Wonderful review! 🙂

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  5. That Asian/Latina girl?! I really want to know why her books are still being published! I have read all her books and hated them all! Honestly, this whole ‘pale/white skin with blue eyes and blonde hair are beautiful’ thing is started to get on my nerves.


    1. And they weren’t even REAL characters! They appeared for a second and that was it. They were unnecessary to the overall story. So annoying. And now that you mention it, Maas consistently referred to Luke’s skin color, but I can’t recall if she called him handsome or good looking. Selina’s beauty on the other hand, was mentioned quite a few times.


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