Ah, this book took me by complete surprise. I knew the basic premise of the story and I’ve seen the Gerard Butler movie a few times. Yet this book still managed to hold my attention.

Christine Daae believes the Angel of Music has been sent by her dead father to teach her how to become a better singer. Raoul, a childhood friend, is in love with her and is concerned that Christine is being duped by someone.

Okay, so the story itself is presented as factual by Gaston Leroux himself. The story is his proof of the claims he makes in the prologue. Apparently he really believed in the ghost. Also, the Phantom of the Opera has a name! He is frequently referred to as Opera Ghost or O.G. in the text (which I found kind of funny) but he also has a real name. Again, I’ve seen the movie and it always came off as kind of campy to me. But what I really enjoyed in the book were the gothic elements. It was a little dark and atmospheric.

The Opera Ghost’s history is actually really fascinating. And my goodness, is he one sick person! His torture mechanisms are so over the top. I pity the guy’s childhood but still. He’s low-key evil. What’s his obsession with Christine anyway? I don’t get it. Is it because she’s so damn naïve??

If you’ve enjoyed the musical or movie I would recommend it. The ending is completely different. It’s also partly inspired by real events/mysteries that occurred at an opera house in Paris, which gives it a nice, spooky element. I really loved this book!

2018 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

Prompt: a book that is also a stage play or musical

Challenge update: 36/50


17 thoughts on “The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

  1. I’ve been wanting to read this book for ages! I thought it would be campy and a little romantic but I had no idea it was that dark to the point that there were torture mechanisms. What is this, Saw? 😂 Still want to read it though… but at least now I know I have to be mentally ready before I do.

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    1. Lmao right?! The movie made me think the book was campy when it isn’t. Christine is so naïve and the phantom is a stalker. He’s so obsessed with her. Me when he was torturing Raoul: “Oh, you’re going to kill them like that? Wow, um, okay. Isn’t that overkill though? No? Oh, okay”. That stuff doesn’t happen until the end though!

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      1. That description is the complete opposite of campy… more like terrifying. Even theatre productions don’t portray it like that.
        Okay… now I don’t know if I want to read it because I can tell that’s a disturbing and sinister AF murder, what in the American Psycho is this book? 😭

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  2. This book had also caught me by surprise. I had seen the play a number of times along with the movie so when I dived into this I was struck by the differences. Yet they were so good and only added to the characters. Loved it. Great review!

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