Let’s get straight to it. I didn’t like this book. I listened to the audiobook, which was read by Anthony Heald, and I hated every second. (Not his fault, the story was awful).

The basic premise is interesting. Captain Ahab is obsessed with finding the whale responsible for the loss of his leg. He puts together a crew to help him hunt the elusive white whale, Moby-Dick. Ishmael, one of the shipmates, narrates the story. But there is so much boring detail! It’s waaay over 500 pages, and at least 80% of the book is about the ship and whaling industries. 80%!! I fell asleep so many damn times. My poor ears are bleeding from all the dullness. 

The other 20% I did like. It’s about Ishmael and how he ended up on the ship. About the adventures the crew experiences while out at sea. Now, that was well done. I liked those parts. And this nugget of wisdom made me laugh:

Better to sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunk Christian

I know there is a broader theme about the evils of revenge and all that. But, I don’t know. I didn’t think Captain Ahab was crazy. Then again, I zoned out quite a number of times so there’s probably a lot I missed. And no, I didn’t go back and listen to those parts again. I’m not that big of a masochist.

Overall Feeling:

Fun Fact: Starbucks (yes, the coffee chain), got its name from one of the shipmates in this book. Apparently at one point Pequod (the ship’s name), was considered. I did have a hankering for coffee while I was listening. Would’ve been useful, to be honest. I see what you did there, Starbucks 😉

2018 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge.

Challenge update: 31/40(*50)

Prompt: a book set at sea

29 thoughts on “Moby-Dick by Herman Melville

  1. Is that why we have a marmaid on the logo? Hahaha so you needed Coffee to survive the book xD I have wanted it to read it :/ maybe is too much for an audiobook? No? Yes?
    Thank you for sharing! :3 I like the length of the review ❤

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  2. I made the mistake of putting off my English Lit course too long in college and had to grab what was left: Herman Melville. An entire semester of Melville. Nearly put me off appreciating whales.

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  3. The Hills gif 😂 I haven’t read this, and I didn’t know what it was about before beyond that there’s a whale in it. I completely understand how bothersome it is when books are unnecessarily long with details I couldn’t care less about. At least now you can say you read it and don’t have to ever again! 👌

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  4. LOL THIS REVIEW, MOTHER IS A SAVAGE. 🙌🏼 Girl, you knew this book was going to be boring… it’s on a ship! Any book where the characters spend majority of their time on a ship is going to include a lot of boat terminology that only people who know about boats will know about. Forgive and forget that book. 😆

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    1. This book went way beyond that. It was way too much. Nancy Drew did a better job of teaching me about boats lmao. I was promised a book about a mad man chasing a whale. Not all of that mindless dribble! Ugh.

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      1. The captain lost his leg because of the whale in a previous shipping expedition. So now he’s obsessed with finding it and getting his revenge. The whale: 2. The captain: 0 haha

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  5. This review made me laugh out loud! I have only read sections of this book during high school, and I remember it being dull. However, you might like the version my one-year-old has. It’s called Moby Dick by Baby Lit, and it has about 10 pages with cute pictures. Examples are: “Sailors,” “Harpoons,” “Waves,” etc with a couple quotes like “the waves rolled by like scrolls of silver” and “better to sail with a moody good captain than a laughing bad one.” Haha, as you can tell, this book has been drilled into my head through repetition! However, I think I like your sober cannibal quote better lol!

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  6. I actually first attempted to listen to this as an audiobook, but I was having the same trouble that you were. I was zoning out. The experience of reading a hard copy of the book was so much better for me. I was just taking it chapter by chapter, and I made it through. And I enjoyed it. Just posted a brief review of it, in fact.

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