Nancy stumbles across this mystery when she witnesses a thief stealing a woman’s purse. The man drops the purse which she returns to the woman, Mrs. Struthers. When it is discovered that the contents of the purse are missing, Mrs. Struthers hints at a possible mystery which of course intrigues Nancy. Mrs. Struthers then tells Nancy about her daughter who passed away whose last words were something along the lines of a clue in an album and something about a missing doll. Mrs. Struthers hopes to decipher her daughter’s last words for her granddaughter’s sake. Nancy also secretly plans on finding the granddaughter’s missing father.

Didn’t like this story. It involved dolls. I hate dolls! They’ve frightened me since I was a little girl. Barbie is okay. I actually still have my Barbie dolls (in storage). The dolls I am talking about are the big creepy ones. Porcelain dolls, American Doll, you get my drift right? I can’t deal with them. 

And Mrs. Struthers is a doll-collector. Her dolls are stolen at some point (or maybe they walked away 😓 ? I made the mistake of watching Annabelle: Creation before reading this book). Anyway, Mrs. Struthers has a lot of dolls from around the world, and their descriptions creeped me out. 

There was a scene that made me laugh though. A few books back, Ned and Nancy visit a carnival. In this book they visit another one. There is a fortune teller there and when Nancy asks Ned if he wants his fortune told the following happens:

     “Not me.” Ned laughed. “My future is pretty well set, and I don’t want anyone tampering with it. I’ll go into business, prosper, and marry a certain ambitious young lady named….”

     “Come on, Ned,” Nancy broke in.

This poor boy cannot catch a break!  😂 

Okay enough of this book. It was a little weird. I didn’t get the conclusion of the missing doll mystery. And there were too 👏 many 👏dolls 👏. 

Two bad Nancy Drew’s in a row. Please let the next one be better!

6 thoughts on “Nancy Drew (#24): The Clue in the Old Album by Carolyn Keene

  1. THANK YOU! Dolls are creepy and terrifying.. who on Earth came up with that idea? Except for Barbie dolls (but only when they come with lots of different clothes!).
    Ned is so crush-worthy in that dialogue.


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