This case takes Nancy, Bess and George out of River Heights and to a beachside town where she is helping her father track down a man who sold worthless stock to his client, Mrs. Chantrey. Nancy is also intrigued by the local story of a ghost that haunts a beach cave and determines to get to the bottom of it. She stumbles across yet another mystery when she meets a man named A.H. who is searching for a stolen family heirloom. A bell, to be more specific. 

This was an okay story. There was quite a lot going on. Mr. Drew is even drugged and kidnapped early on. That whole plot was weird. 

I did learn something though. I got a bit of a U.S. history lesson regarding Paul Revere and bells. I researched it afterwards and it was all pretty fascinating. So bonus points to this book for teaching me something new.

Definitely not a favorite. Too many subplots. And Ned conveniently manages to rescue Nancy from certain death (again). Although the history lesson was very much appreciated.

Here’s hoping the next one is better!

5 thoughts on “Nancy Drew (#23): Mystery of the Tolling Bell by Carolyn Keene

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