Batman before he was Batman. In this story we see glimpses of the hero that will eventually emerge. A young Bruce Wayne with a strong sense of justice testing those vigilante waters.

An 18-year old Bruce Wayne has come into his family fortune and is hoping to continue his family’s philanthropic legacy. But helping the police apprehend a member of the infamous Nightwalker gang lands Bruce in some hot water. You see, the police did not ask Bruce for his help. He took the law into his own hands. Now he has to face the consequences by serving his community service at Arkham Asylum. It is there that he meets Madeleine, a young member of the Nightwalker gang who chooses to speak only to Bruce and who may or may not be conning him. 

I love Batman. And I was looking forward to this book. As a standalone story it was great. It had all the right elements of a superhero narrative. And we see other familiar faces (I see you, Harvey Dent). It is also a YA novel. So of course, there is a love interest. Which I actually didn’t mind. It makes sense. In a way. 

Really enjoyed this book. It’s Batman AND Marie Lu 🙌 ! Her characters are always beautifully complex. And her writing! Ah! Love it! Although if you’re interested in a young Bruce Wayne, I would also recommend the television show Gotham. It’s also pretty amazing. 

So, read the book and watch the show!

2018 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge.

Challenge update: 23/40(*50)

Prompt: a book published in 2018

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