Nancy is tasked with finding a dancer, named Juliana, who disappeared many years ago at the height of her career. Her fiancé at the time, Walt Heath, has passed away and left his vast estate to Juliana. But she has to claim the fortune within 5 years of his death, or the estate will go to various charities. There are 3 weeks left to find Juliana and Nancy Drew is desperately searching for the missing dancer. 

Okay I loved this book! Nancy has one mystery to solve which was great. There were no convoluted subplots and unnecessary situations. And in a nice change of pace, Nancy is not rescued by Ned 🙌. In fact, Ned is apparently in South America on a college trip. Which also means, no Dave and Burt either. The cousins, Bess and George, do appear though. Helping Nancy investigate whenever necessary.

One thing I didn’t like? The mystery’s resolution.  Nancy is unsatisfied by the conclusion of the case. And I am too. It wasn’t the usual happily ever after that these books always have. Yes, all the characters are happy in the end. But. I don’t know. It was a bit underwhelming. Realistic though. (Probably why I didn’t like it, haha).

Another deviation from the norm, is the flash forward. Like I said, the ending of the case isn’t quite satisfactory. I guess in an attempt to remedy that, there is a fast forward to a year later. Everyone is happy, healthy and flourishing. Which I am thrilled about. 

Overall, an enjoyable read. There were a few funny scenes. And at one point I got serious An Affair to Remember vibes which was a bit depressing. But I loved this story. It was different.

2 thoughts on “Nancy Drew (#22): The Clue in the Crumbling Wall by Carolyn Keene

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