This book was actually suspenseful. I know, it’s a mystery, it should be suspenseful. But most Nancy Drew stories are straightforward. No big twists and turns. This one was different though. 

Nancy Drew is asked by Ellen Smith and her father Tomlin Smith, to help find half of a missing treasure map. As Nancy takes up the quest, she meets Mrs. Chatham and her little daughter Trixie. They live in a beautiful home, once owned by an inventor who had all sorts of gadgets and secret passages hidden in the home at the time of his death. When Trixie claims that one of the cottages on the property is haunted, Nancy sets out to investigate. A treasure hunting adventure ensues with a ring of bad guys hoping to get to the treasure first. 

Kudos to the person who wrote this story! It was very well-written! There were a few times where I thought “okay no way is Nancy getting out of this obstacle any time soon”. Of course she did. But the fact that I doubted. That never happens to me! That just goes to show how good this mystery was.

Nancy’s usual mystery-solving gang (Bess, George, Ned, Burt, and Dave) all make an appearance. There were also more details than usual about Hannah. Where she worked before becoming the Drew’s housekeeper. Apparently besides sleuthing, Nancy is now taking art classes. 😒 Very convenient seeing as she makes use of her drawing abilities while working this case. Nancy is also kidnapped/held hostage twice. And she bangs her head so many times! How many concussions must this girl have in a year? 

Still wondering where her dog Togo is. You can’t introduce him and never mention him again. I need continuity! 

All in all, a really refreshing change of pace. An exciting mystery, for sure.


3 thoughts on “Nancy Drew (#19): The Quest of the Missing Map by Carolyn Keene

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