Okay this was one weird mystery. It dealt with mysticism, Indian maharajah, and kidnapping.

Nancy Drew meets a boy named Rishi at the circus. He runs away to her house because his “father”, Rai, is cruel to him. Nancy uncovers the fact that Rai is not Rishi’s real father and sets out to find the boy’s real parents. Along the way, she discovers so much more than she was expecting. 

A really quick read with no convoluted story lines. The mysticism and the girls skepticism to it was interesting. Especially since Nancy seems to understand it. Although Bess and George believed it was all phooey. 

Ned appears for a hot second. No Burt or Dave though. Ned also experiences a bit of jealousy when one of his friends is awestruck by Nancy. That was funny. Considering it was Ned that introduced them. 

Not one of my favorite Nancy Drew stories. But the mystery was pretty straightforward which I greatly appreciated. 


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