Once again, I am very happy that I went the audiobook route. I don’t listen to many because I feel like I don’t retain as much information that way. But when it comes to a memoir, I like listening to the person that wrote it. Their personality shines through. And that makes that experience enjoyable.

In her second book, Mindy delves more into her life as a celebrity. We get more stories from her childhood. She talks about her relationships with various people. And she has more essays about life in general that endear her to the reader. 

I thought her first book, Is Everyone Else Hanging Out Without Me?, brilliant. This one, though entertaining, did not have me laughing like the first one. There were also essays that seemed like puff pieces. They weren’t really necessary but yet, there they were. Filling space. 

I don’t know.I did like it. But it was a bit of a letdown.


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