​Holy crap on a cracker!!! This is definitely not what I was expecting!!! Oh. My. God!

Okay. First things first. This book series has been on my TBR for a long while. Because of the 2018 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge, I finally had a reason to actually start reading it. The prompt: Nordic noir.

Now, a brief summary so I can gather my thoughts.

Mikael Blomkvist is a disgraced financial journalist who is hired by aging Henrik Vanger, a former industry magnate, to write a chronicle about the Vanger family history. But what Henrik Vanger really wants Mikael to do, is to solve the mysterious disappearance of his grand-niece, and heir-apparent Harriet Vanger. The 16-year old Harriet has been missing since 1966, and is presumed dead by everyone. Lisbeth Salander helps Mikael piece together the mystery.

And oh boy, what a mystery! I have to admit, that having read only a quarter of the book (and it’s a thick read), I was starting to have regrets about reading the book. But then things picked up once the mystery surrounding Harriet was introduced. And it did not let up. Bombshell after bombshell. Suffice it to say that the Vanger family history is shockingly disturbing and so damn sordid. Having a Nazi relative (or two) is the least of this family’s problems. No joke. 

Lisbeth is my hero! I mean, her guardian (the creep) is disgusting. What he does to her. It is beyond reprehensible. But what she does to him? I would never want to be on her bad side. Ever.

I can’t wait to start the next book. I’m very interested in Lisbeth’s history. There were only tidbits on her background in this story. Hopefully the mystery surrounding her is resolved. She really is a fascinating character.


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