They killed Ikemefuna! How dare they! That was so upsetting. I see why Nwoye would leave his father. He loved Ikemefuna like a brother. And then to know his father had a hand in his death. Jesus. 
It was interesting to see a different viewpoint of Christianization. The way the various clans dealt with the missionaries and knowing that it was not going to end well for them was so disheartening to me. There is a conversation in the novel between one of the clansmen and Mr. Brown, I believe, that touched on the fact that the two cultures do not understand one another. They are literally strangers to one another. The customs and traditions of each culture are therefore not easily understood. Of course, Mr. Brown then uses the information he does manage to learn about the clans to convert more people. 

I must say, I did not see Okonkwo’s suicide coming. But I guess his fatherland’s clan let him down. The breaking point was when he killed one of the messengers and his clan did not back him up. I figured he would attack the Christian missionaries by himself or something along those lines. Not suicide. Damn. 


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